Guangzhou Haozhi Industrial Co., LTD.

Guangzhou Haozhi Industrial Co.,Ltd. is an environmental-friendly high-tech enterprise, which is specialized in the R&D, design, production, manufacturing, sale and maintenance of high-precision mechanical and electrical components.

In terms of its main business, Haozhi Mechanical and Electrical takes high-end machine tools and core functional parts of robots as its core and parts manufacturing as its support. Through remorseless technical breakthrough and persistent quality management, a complete business chain is built in which the core functional components of CNC machine tools and robots are closely combined.We design a dozen of spindle series, in order to satisfy processing requirements for different CNC machines, such as PCB drilling / modling machine / dicing spindle, CNC metal / glass engraving and milling machine, wood engraving and milling machine, CNC machine, Swiss lathe, drilling and tapping machine, high-speed internal / cylindrical grinder. In addition, we also develop the 4 axis and 5 axis rotary table and ac 2-axis head , the power milling head, fine finish and super finish electro-spindle, ultrasonic motorized spindle, hydrostatic spindle, reducer, linear motor, tool holder, collet and so on.

Haozhi adheres to the strategy that based on the independent technology innovation, service for the advanced global manufacturing industry. With the vision of becoming the world's top design and production enterprise, Guangzhou Haozhi Industrial Co., Ltd. keeps on striving for global advanced manufacturing industry, for improving human experience.

Core spiritual culture

Vision: To become acompany designing and manufacturing core functional components for the world’stop-level machines.

Mission: Keep workinghard to promote global equipment manufacturing and improve good experience ofhuman beings.

Core value: Toprovide customers with ultra values, create best values for shareholders,achieve self-value of employees and add value to the society.

Development strategy:To base on independent technological innovation and serve global advancedmanufacturing.

Individual culture

1.Three communities: Acommunity of shared interests, a community of honor and a community of spirit.

2.Four constructions:Standardization, institutionalization, digitization and integrity.

3.Tree growth theory:Growth conditions, seed-qualification, time-time, immobility-persistence,foundation-strength, growing upward – target, growing towards sunshine –positive energy.

4.Collective struggle:Collective struggle based on dedication

5.Work philosophy:Making simple things achieve the best effect is the unique skill.

6.Excellent company:Innovations, art and pride.

7.Three-three-threelaws of success: 30% ideals and planning; 30% actions; 30% persistence.

8.Three Taos:

[Natural law] Meetcustomers’ needs based on the principle of customer first.

[Filial Piety] “Thesheep has the feeling of filial piety, the crow has returns nurturing toparents righteousness”-- With grateful hearts to parents and to the Company forproviding platforms and opportunities.

[Teacher’s moral]“Transmitting morality, imparting knowledge and solving doubts”--Respectmasters and cherish opportunities of cultivation and learning provided by theCompany.

9.Craftsmanship spirit:Stick to do one thing, focus on doing one thing and do a simple thing toperfection.

10.Team spirit: “Athousand people can have a huge power if they unite in a concertedeffort; otherwise, their power will be very tiny”. Work together to succeedwith consistent goals.

Talent sector

1.Talent strategy: Themaking of human being must take precedence of all God’s creations--Cultivateexcellent talents of Haozhi Electro-Mechanics (management channel, professionaltechnology channel and skill channel) and stimulate the maximum potential oftalents to create values so as to support Haozhi’s realization of 100goals.

2.Talent incentives:Material incentives: performance-based salary adjustment, performance-basedbonuses and allowances (post certificate allowance, qualification allowance andout-posted allowance), Haozhi Bole recommendation reward, internal lecturerfees, tutor fees, etc.

Equity incentives:Launch the equity incentive plan for the Company’s directors, officers,middle-level management personnel, core technology (business) personnel andother employees in a timely manner in order to maximize the shareholders’value.

Incentives forrewards and punishment: Give rewards immediately to those who have excellentperformance; otherwise, give punishment timely to those who have badperformance.

Target incentive andperformance management system: The Company’s strategy target – annualperformance target of each department – monthly performance target of each post.

Emotion incentives:Visits by employees’ families, Spring Festival solatium for the employees’families, dating activities, etc.

Benchmarkingincentives: Excellent employees, excellent new employees, excellent lecturer,Haozhi’s Bole, quality model, service model, excellent first-level management,gold medal instructor, excellent middle-high level management, excellent team,excellent sales and technical innovation projects.

3.Promotion channel:Implement the qualification incentive system for main positions (such asR&D, business, technical operator, technician, etc.) of the managementchannel, professional technical channel and skill channel (skilled worker,technical operator and technician).

4.Selection ofexcellent (new) employees: Job performance 30%, execution 25%, awareness ofcompany culture 15%, business learning ability 15% and influence of positiveenergy 15%.

  • 100

    Involving more than 100 kinds of product models

  • 200

    R & D personnel with nearly 200 people

  • 400

    With nearly 400 patents granted


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Online Order

Please leave details of your product requirements so that we can reply to you promptly and accurately.