Product Series:Air Bearing Spindle

Product Number:DQF-400

The spindle ,which is a ball bearing high-speed spindle and the max speed is 400,000rpm, appliued for PCB industry.Mainly used for the processing of routing machines and drilling machines .

1. High-precision: The spindle for PCB industry has the static rotary precision ≤ 0.002mm and dynamic precision ≤ 0.006mm (delivery standard), has the characteristic of incomparable high precision, and can achieve higher drilling CPK values.

2. High power and large torque output: Combined with the performance characteristics of driver, by adopting the design of embedded motor and the built-in three-phase variable-frequency asynchronous high-efficiency motor, it improves the output power and torque within the range of speed required by machining, and substantially enhances the machining capacity.

3. High configuration: The spindles for the industry all have the automatic tool changing function with the service life of the tension mechanism up to 2,000,000 times, and also have the protective functions for the temperature sensor of motor, the speed sensor of shaft core, etc. The ball bearings adopt the international famous brands.

4. High energy saving: On the premise of guaranteeing the performance, the gas consumption of dust-proof sealing is optimized to the minimum, in order to save the usage cost of the end users.

5. Good compatibility and good expansibility: The spindles for PCB industry have good compatibility, and can be widely used for various drilling machines and forming machines in the circuit board industry. It can also be customized according to customer needs.

6. Low failure rate: Owing to the innovative and stable design, the spindle’s stability is greatly superior to similar products; the averaged fault rate is less than 3% in the 1st year and less than 10% in the 2nd year.

Low maintenance rate: It adopts the pour-out tension structural design, the tension mechanism is composed by the combination the shaft handle made of high polymer materials, the disc spring with high stability and the chuck made of high-nitrogen stainless steel. The service lift of the spindle tool is up to 500,000 times.

Spindle  ModelDQF-400
Bearing TypeAir Bearing
Maximum Speed(rpm)400000
Maximum Voltage(V)220
(S6)Maximum  Power(kW)0.36
(S6)Maximum  Torque(Nm)0.01
APPlication ScopeDrilling Machine
Air Flow(L/min)36-44(@400000rpm)
Form of LubricationAir

    Cooling method and Medium
Internal  Cooling,Water or Oil



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