Product Series:Motorized spindle series for drilling and tapping center

Product Number:DGZX-10024/3.7-BFPWVS

The product is a kind of electric spindle for drillingand tapping center with the maximum revolution of 24,000 rpm and the nominalpower of 3.7 kW; it is specially used for drilling and tapping center and itsubstitutes directly connected spindle for drilling and tapping. The product iselaborately designed for high speed drilling, tapping, high accuracy milling ofmetals and nonmetals in 3C industry.

1.High revolution, high precision: There is no theimpact of external motor and coupling, so the maximum revolution of spindle is1.25 times of the similar directly connected spindle and even higher; thevibration is largely reduced, which largely improves the machining precisionand surface smoothness.

2.Large torque, high rigidity: There is optimal built-inmotor design; the large-shaft diameter and large-span bearing layout makes thespindle have enough torque and rigidity, and low-speed heavy cutting can beeasily realized. In addition, there is high speed and high precision design,and it is perfectly suitable to various machining fields.

3.High-efficiency cutter changing: The compact structureand small-inertia spindle design makes the spindle have extremely shortacceleration and deceleration time. Meanwhile, there is quick cutter hitting cylinder with independentpatent; the cutter hitting time is controlled to be below 50 ms, and it can beperformed for 5 million times without fault. It can reduce the cutter changingtime and largely improve the machine tool efficiency and stability.

4.High-efficiency and high-quality tapping: Perfectsystem matching, accurate vector control; the tapping speedthat is as high as 8,000 rpm. The tapping quality and efficiency is obviouslyimproved.

5.Long service life: Symbolic floating cutting hittingmechanism; the damage to bearing is zero during cutter hitting, so the spindlehas longer service life.

6.Simple and practical: There is no external motor andcoupling, and it can perfectly substitutes directly connected spindle. Theinstallation and debugging is simple and the maintenance cost is low.

7.High universality: It can perfectly match with thedrive system of different brands, and various tool magazine can be provided.


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