Product Series:Woodworking Spindle

Product Number:DGZMG-07524/18-KPWCS

This product is a high-speed 5-axis special motorized spindle for wood millingand cutting, which is mainly used for an engraving and milling machine or amachining center to drill and mill wood, plastics, aluminum and fiber boards;it cannot be used for machining steel, stone, glass and other materials. Thisspindle is characterized with a compact structure, light weight, small inertia,small vibration, low noise, etc., so it can achieve high speed, high precisionand high operational stability.

It is built-in with a three-phase variable frequency asynchronousefficient motor, which is controlled at infinitely variable speeds through aninverter. In addition, its body made of high-strength aluminum reduces theweight of the spindle; the specially designed spiral cooling water channel caneffectively slow down the temperature rise of the spindle.

The vibration of the spindle is small and the machining surface effectis relatively good. In addition, the spindle is also characterized with bigpower and torque, small yaw, etc.

1.High precision: The total run-out of the shaft end of the motorizedspindle for woodworking in the inner hole is ≤0.002mm; the vibration of thespindle is ≤1.5mm/s; it is characterized with unparallel high precision.

2.High speed: The maximum speed of the motorized spindle for woodworkingis up to 24,000rpm, which can meet requirements for high-speed and efficientmachining.

3.High configuration: As a standard configuration,the motorized spindle for woodworking is equipped with the induction switch forthe spindle release cutter from Germany, temperature sensor, closed-loopcontrol encoder, etc.

4.Diversified cutter interfaces: The motorized spindle for woodworking canbe equipped with a variety of interface forms such as HSK F63, A63, E50and E40, etc., which can meet different needs of customers.

5.High bearing capacity and rigidity: The front ofthe spindle is designed with a ceramic ball bearing of international well-knownbrand and big span bearing layout to ensure the high bearing capacity andrigidity of the spindle.

6.Customization: The motorized spindle for woodworking is widely used forengraving and milling of various kinds of woods, plastics and fiber board aswell as various woodworking machines. It can also be customized according tospecial needs of customers.

7.High heat dissipation: The specially designed spiral cooling waterchannel can remove heat generated by the motor quickly. Together with thealuminum-made body with high strength and high thermal conductivity, it canfurther slow down the temperature rise of the spindle.

Spindle ModelDGZMG-07524/18-KPWCS
SpeedRated Speed(rpm)12000
Maximum Speed(rpm)24000
PowerRated PowerS1(kW)15
Rated PowerS6(kW)18
TorqueRated TorqueS1(Nm)12
Rated TorqueS6(Nm)14
Maximum Voltage(V)380
Handle modelHSK F63
Tool-change modePneumatic
Form of broachNon floating broach
Broaching force(N)11000x(1±10%)
Cooling method and MediumWater
Form of LubricationGrease
The Weight(kg)~31


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