Product Series:Air Bearing Spindle

Product Number:DQFX-06280/1.2-DPWS

This spindle is a universal air bearinghigh-speed spindle for forming machine with a maximum speed of 80,000rpm and amaximum power of 1.5kW. It is mainly used for PCB forming.

It has two forming advantages, namely low-speedforming and high-speed forming. Its low-speed forming capacity is equivalent tothat of the ball-type spindle with the same power. Under special circumstances,this spindle is also suitable for gloss machining of materials such as metal(aluminum and its alloy, copper and its alloy), non-metal (acrylic materials),etc.

Performance features

1.High precision: In the PCB industry, the staticrotary accuracy of the motorized spindle is ≤0.002mm and the dynamic accuracyis ≤0.006mm (delivery standard), so it has a feature of unparalleled highprecision, achieving the forming capacity with higher precision.

2.High power and high torque output: The built-inmotor is designed based on the consideration of the characteristics of thedriver performance. It is built-in with a three-phase variable frequencyasynchronous efficient motor so that its output power, torque and machiningcapacity are greatly improved.

3.High configuration: Motorized spindles for thisindustry all have the automatic cutter change function; they are also equippedwith the motor temperature sensors.

4.High energy-saving: Under the premise ofensuring performance, its minimized air consumption helps to reduce operationcost of the end-user.

5.Strong compatibility and good expansibility: Motorizedspindles for the PCB industry have good compatibility, which can be widely usedfor various kinds of drilling machines and forming machines in the circuitboard industry. It can also be customized based on customers’ needs.

6.Low failure rate: Thanks to the innovative andstable design, the stability of the spindle is much better than that of peerproducts.

7.Low maintenance rate: Designed with an invertedbroach structure, the broach mechanism is composed of a axle bully ofhigh-molecular materials, disc spring with high stability and chuck ofhigh-nitrogen stainless steel. The service life of the spindle cutter is up to500,000 times.

8.High bearing capacity and rigidity: The spindlecore disc is designed with a front structure, which can greatly improve theradial bearing capacity and rigidity of the spindle.


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