Product Series:Motorized spindle series for drilling and tapping center

Product Number:DGZX-09524/3.7

This product is a motorized spindle for drilling and tapping center, with themaximum speed of 24,000rpm and the rated power of 3.7kW; it is specially usedfor a drilling and tapping center instead of the drilling and tappingdirectly-connected spindle. It is well-designed mainly for high-speed drillingand tapping and high-precision milling and cutting of various kinds of metalsand non-metals for 3C industry.

1.High-speed and high precision: Without the influence of the externalmotor and coupling, the maximum speed of the spindle is 1.25 times or more thanthat of the directly-connected spindle of its kind. Its vibration is greatlyreduced so that the machining accuracy and surface finish are greatly improved.

2.Big torque and high rigidity: With the optimized built-in motor designand the bearing layout of big axial diameter and big span, the spindle hasenough torque and rigidity to perform low-speed heavy cutting easily.Additionally, it is designed with high-speed and high precision, so it isperfect for all kinds of machining fields.

3.Efficient cutter change: Thanks to the compact structure and smallinertia, the spindle can be accelerated at extremely short time. It is alsoequipped with the independently-patented fast cutter cylinder so that itscutter time can be controlled within 50ms; it can work for 2million timeswithout failure. It can shorten cutter change time so that the efficiency andstability of the machine is greatly improved.

4.Efficient and high quality tapping: With perfect system matching,accurate vector control and tapping speed up to 8,000rpm, its tapping qualityand efficiency are significantly improved.

5.Long service life: With the symbolic floating cutter mechanism, thedamage against bearing may become zero while cutting so that the spindle canhave longer service life.

6.Simple and practical: Without the external motor and coupling, it is aperfect substitute for the directly-connected spindle. It is easily installedand tested. Its maintenance cost is low.

7.Strong generality: It can be perfectly matched with driving systems ofmajor brands (such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Heidenhain, Fanuc, etc.); it canalso be equipped with various kinds of cutter magazines.

Spindle ModelDGZX-09524/3.7
Speed(rpm)Rated Speed12000
Maximum Speed24000
Power(kW)Rated Power3.7
Maximum Power4.5
Torque(Nm)Rated Torque3
Maximum Torque3.6
Maximum Voltage(V)220/380
The motor typeAsynchronous
Shank ModelBT30
Tool-change modePneumatic / hydraulic / Mechanical
Broaching Force(N)3000
Cooling mediumWater-cooling
Form of LubricationGrease
The Weight(kg)19.5


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