Product Series:Air Bearing Spindle

Product Number:DQF-200E4.S

Itis mainly applied to high-speed and high-precision machining for drilling inprinted circuit board industry (PCB).

Theproduct is a kind of high-speed air bearing electric spindle with the maximumrevolution of 200,000 rpm. Long nose design is adopted for the spindle, andthere is speed measurement function. The optimally designed motor has excellentperformance; the temperature rise of high speed section and slip ratio can bereduced while the low speed torque force is obviously improved. All-roundupgrade is realized in big hole drilling ability and small hole drillingprecision fraction.

Itis a kind of product that is elaborately designed for high-precision,high-revolution and high-efficiency drilling in PCB industry.


Powerfullow speed torque force: The low speed torque force reaches as high as 0.18N.m;6.35 mm cutter can perform continuous processing for more than 10,000 holes(S20000 F0.3 R5.0 3*1.6mm FR4), which can easily process various thick plates andhard plates.

Excellenthigh speed performance: The maximum revolution is 200,000 rpm; the maximumrevolution can be reached within 3.8S; the slip ratio is as low as 1%; the lowloss (low temperature rise) and quick start and stop function is particularlysuitable to the machining of 0.2-0.3 mm small holes.

2.Shaftsystem design with high stability

Prepositionedstructure is adopted for spindle core and flying disc; the radial bearingcapacity and rigidity of spindle is improved; floating structure is adopted forbearing to obviously improve the stability of spindle core. The pour-out typebroach mechanism largely reduces the subsequent maintenance cost and reducesthe maintenance time.

3.Broachmechanism with prolonged service life

Thespindle handle made from high polymer material, disc spring with high stabilityand broach mechanism made from high-nitrogen stainless steel material can be usedstably for 500,000 times without fault.


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