Product Series:Internal grinding series

Product Number:DGZM-080100/1.2B1-DWQ

This product is a ball-type high-speed spindle for grinding machine,with the maximum speed up to 100,000rpm; it is mainly used for grinding andmachining of automotive high-precision component products such as fuel pump andfuel nozzle.

Designed with the advanced oil-gas lubrication method, this product canensure that bearing reaches the best lubrication effect through the accuratecontrol of oil amount and gas amount; moreover, compressed gas plays a functionof cooling and dust resistance against the bearing so that the service life ofthe spindle is greatly improved.

High precision:With hole total run-out ofthe shaft end less than 1μm,the vibration less than 0.6 mm/s, the spindle hasthe unique characteristic of high precision.

High speed:With high speed and dynamic rigidity, itprovides powerful support for high speed and high precision processing ofarinding machine.

High configuration:The grinding spindle isequipped with optional sensors for temperature and vibration, adopting theworld's famous rand bearing.

Strong compatibility and goodexpansiblity:Grindingspindle has good compatibility which can successfully work with manyinternational famous brands of grinding machine.

Personality:Grindingspindle can be widely used in all kinds of grinding machines for metal andnonmetallic, can also be customized according to customer's special demand.


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