Product Series: Dental Milling Spindle

Product Number:DGZ(Y)X-08040

The tooth carving machine is mainly used for the forming and processing of denture products. The main processing materials are zirconia, resin, ceramics, etc

Performance characteristics

1, high precision: engraving and milling the spindle end of the shaft end and cone hole run ≤ 0.001mm, spindle vibration ≤ 0.8mm / s (custom series up to 0.5mm / s).

2, high surface processing quality: ordinary carved milling spindle surface roughness up to Ra0.2, the use of high-precision design of the spindle surface roughness up to Ra0.05.

3, high load and rigidity: the front of the spindle with internationally renowned brands of large shaft bearings and large span bearing layout, to ensure that the bearing capacity and rigidity of the spindle.

4, high configuration: carved milling spindle optional temperature sensor, spindle loose sensor switch, closed-loop control encoder and so on.

5, the handle has a variety of: carving milling spindle spindle can be used ISO, BT, HSK, straight handle and manual ER chuck and other forms to meet the different needs of customers.

6, personalized customization: the company has a strong R & D strength, flexible design and diverse, according to customer requirements of different functions, speed, precision carved milling spindle.

7, the circulating water cooling: in the body to increase the cooling cycle of water on the motor, before and after the bearing cooling. Coolant flow through the rational arrangement of the main body of the circulating cooling channel to take away the spindle when the high-speed rotation of the heat, to thermal equilibrium, so that the spindle temperature constant within a certain range to ensure the safety of the spindle, stable performance, cooling effect, efficiency High, small temperature rise, the spindle thermal elongation is small, the bearing force is small, to ensure the spindle life and spindle axial accuracy.

 applicationdental prosthesis
cooling systemwater
ceramic ball bearing
chuck typeISO20 / HSK E25
chuck clamping range(mm)Φ2-Φ10 HSK E25 / Φ2-Φ10 ISO20)
brake methoddriver+brake resistor
rated power(kW)4.0
S1 torque(N·m)1.2
voltage(V)220 / 380
Maximum Speed (rpm)40000
clamping diameter(mm)Φ80
tool change methodair cylinder
cooling or lubricant air flow(L/min)3-4(water)
motor systemasynchronous motor / synchronous motor
bearing lubricant methodgrease lubrication
  motor heat protection                    KTY / PTC
   assembly direction           vertical / horizontal
           sensor type                    PNP / NPN
encoder typechord wave encoder
        fixed method                  clamping
     run-out(taper) (um)                       ≤1
   EC / SE line length                    optional
   rotation direction(from front side)     counterclockwise(forward)


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