Supporting new infrastructure construction | Describe how to efficiently process polyhedral parts


The new infrastructure construction mainly includes seven fields, that is, 5G base-stations, extra-high-voltage power transmission projects, inter-city transit systems and high-speed railways, charging stations for new energy vehicles, big data centers and industrial networks, covering many industrial chains.

The process of new infrastructure construction is accelerating, and the demand for polyhedral parts such as core components of inter-city transit systems and high-speed railways, crimping tools for vehicle charging stations, vehicle lamp molds, and middle frames for 5G mobile phone continues to increase. How to improve the processing efficiency of high-quality polyhedral parts depends on the mature application of multi-axis processing.

Processing requirements of polyhedral parts

1. Efficient processingThe polyhedral parts such as core engine parts, crimping tools for charging stations, vehicle lamp molds and middle frames for 5G mobile phone require long and complicated processing and repeated clamping. Multi-axis application processing requires faster positioning time and high processing efficiency.

2.High precision: The polyhedral parts such as core engine parts and crimping tools for charging stations are precise parts, and the surfaces of the vehicle lamp molds and middle frames for 5G mobile phone are complicated. In the application field of multi-axis processing, the requirements of surface quality and processing precision for the parts are higher.

3.Cost saving: The major requirement of machine tool manufacturers is to save costs while ensuring product efficiency and product quality.

Haozhi's efficient processing solution

In order to obtain faster processing efficiency, higher processing precision and better processing quality, Haozhi independently developed and produced ultra-precision and high-torque direct drive rotary (DDR) table based on the complex structure of core engine parts, compression tools for charging stations and other polyhedral parts, which can complete the processing of all surfaces through one-time clamping, realizing efficient processing of polyhedral parts.

DDR table can efficiently process polyhedral parts with obvious advantages

High efficiency

1)Haozhi's ultra-precision DDR table only needs 0.15s to rotate products and 0.8s to rotate worm gears, which effectively shortens the program time, greatly shortens the production cycle, and improves production efficiency. The comparison of 90° indexing time of different types of rotary table is as follows:

Table Type

Worm Gear

Roller Cam


Precision Type


Ultra-precision Type

Indexing time [s]





2)Haozhi independently develops the high-torque motor, which increases the power density by 42.7% and torque by 63% compared with the common motors. It ensures the smooth and non-jitter operation of heavy cutting and fast light cutting, and greatly improves the processing efficiency.


3)High clamping force: The innovative clamping mechanism can brake reliably and stably, which increases the response speed by 10 times and clamping rigidity by 3 times. With high-rigidity shaft + high-rigidity clamping mechanism, the braking rigidity is far greater than the meshing rigidity of the worm gear, which can be processed with a large amount of cutting, greatly improving the processing efficiency of polyhedral parts.


High precision

DDR table uses ultra-precision absolute encoder, with the positioning precision ≤±3", repeated positioning accuracy ≤±1", enjoying precise control and high processing precision. However, the repeated positioning precision of common external drive rotary tables is only 10". Besides, the DDR table has zero backlash, which can ensure high surface quality.


High stability

1)The high-rigidity clamping mechanism ensures the stability of polyhedral parts during processing, avoids the surface anomalies such as vibration knife marks, and guarantee the stable and reliable processing of important mating surfaces.

2)Power-off self-locking function: Sudden power-off conditions are not prone to impact events, and the rotation angle of A/C axis is ≤10°. It also has normal self-locking function. Haozhi's innovative five-axis rotary table for the clamping mechanism can automatically lock A/C axis in extreme conditions (e.g. abnormal power off of the machine tool), to prevent impact events during processing.

3)Adequate structural simulation optimization, all-round experimental testing, and client application verification of more than 10,000 DDR tables can ensure stable and reliable quality.

Low costs

DDR table has no backlash and zero-wear transmission and is maintenance-free, eliminating the trouble of regular maintenance of traditional worm gears and reducing maintenance costs.



Adhering to the development strategy of "relying on independent technological innovation, serving the world's advanced manufacturing", Haozhi has independently developed the ultra-precision and large-torque DDR table, to provide efficient processing solutions for polyhedral parts and realize their high-quality processing. Haozhi will continue to strengthen independent innovation, accelerate the breakthrough of core technology, improve quality management, and spare no efforts to meet customer needs and help new infrastructure construction!

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