Product Series:Bending machine control system

Product Number:VisitouchPac

Full Digital and Compact Numerical Control for Press Brakes

Modern compact CNC concept

  • CNC mounted on the back of the screen

  • Interface module in the cabinet

  • Open software platform allowing customization

  • 19''glass touch screen

Full digital concept

  • EtherCAT and CANopen

  • Windows 10 with power cut protection

  • Industry 4.0 ready

User-friendly interface

  • Intuitive programming

  • Touch Profile

  • 3D viewers

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Main features for the user

1、19” modern streamlined glass surface touch screen that can be used with gloves

2、User friendly HMI thanks to intuitive programming

3、2D graphic profile and 3D viewer

4、Automatic bending sequence calculation

5、All kinematics available

– for X, Xrelatives, Xslave, R, Rslave and Z axes,

– for Back and Front multiples gauges,

– for bending aids


7、Tools import

8、Group management for complex production

9、Preliminary / Final bend

10、Hemming management

11、Angle measurement

12、Barcode reader

13、Customizable, Industry 4.0

14、Windows 10 for multitasking and networking

Main features for the OEM

1、Set up with dedicated wizards (auto-tuning)

2、Axis control through CANopen® and EtherCAT® with wide configuration capabilities

3、Customizable User buttons for the machine operator

4、Interactions with the beam cycle

5、Plug-in for HMI part

6、Open system for customization, special crowning, hybrid hydraulic machine

7、Integrated robot control, synchronization with press brake sequences (robot CNC not necessary)


1、VisiTouch offline software

2、VisiTouch MX offline software

3、Bending aids sheet support

4、Automatic angle measurement

5、Tandem management

6、Robot communication and control

7、Industry 4.0 data management


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