Product Series:DD 4-Axis

Product Number:DZGD-125A8

Mainly applied in CNC machine,working as the indexing components.

1、High efficiency

With the maximum speed of revolution being 400rpm and different from the external-driving rotary table in worm and gear kind, it can achieve the processing at a high speed and with high efficiency.

2、Ultra-high Precision

The rotary table uses the absolute type encoder with ultra-high precision, with the positioning accuracy being ±3″ and the repetitive positioning accuracy being ±1″.

3、High Clamping Force

The clamping structure in innovative design has smaller volume than the traditional disc brake and improves 10 times in response speed and 3 times in clamping rigidity.

4、High Stability

With the full simulation optimization for structure and an all-round test, it can ensure the stability of the whole machine after being used and verified by more than 10,000 DD rotary table clients.

Rotary   Table ModelDZGD-125A8
Disk surface Diameter(mm)Φ125
Center for Hight(mm)110
Clamping WayAir
Clamping Torque(Nm)135
Disk Surface Runout(mm)0.01
Disk Surface Radial Runout (mm)0.005
Driving TypeTorque motor direct drive
Voltage for Driver (V)220
Rated /Maximum Speed(Rpm)200/400
Rated /MaximumTorque(Nm)20/113
Rated/Maximum Current (A)2.7/13.6
Positioning Precision(arc-sec)±3
Repeated Positioning Precision(arc-sec)±1
Minimum unit (degree)0.001
Load Capacity (kg)30
Weight (kg)33
Level of ProtectionIP66



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