Product Series:Harmonic 4-axis

Product Number:DZXH-255-101-160-611

Mainly applied in CNC machine,working as the indexing components.

1、Amazing transmission accuracy

A harmonic reducer with unique tooth shape and cam profile is designed for the turntable which can output a positioning accuracy / repeat positioning accuracy of up to ±15 "/ ±4".

2、Incomparable rigidity

The harmonic turntable adopts a three-wave harmonic reducer. On the original basis, the number of meshing teeth is increased by at least 50%, the rigidity is greatly increased by about 75%, and the overall output torsional rigidity of the turntable is greatly improved.

3、Large torque high rigidity

Further improvement in the performance of the reducer to output larger torque and higher rigidity under the condition of the same specifications so as to achieve greater cutting capacity.

4、Unique brake mechanism

Innovative clamping structure is adopted with smaller size than drive disc brake, higher clamping rigidity, and faster response speed.

5、Higher accuracy

The three-wave structure configured by our company presents more smooth and stable accuracy compared with the popular dual-wave reducer on the market.

6、Lower cost

The harmonic turntable is easy to use with longer life, lower cost, free from regular replacement of lubricating oil and maintenance compared with the traditional reducer mechanism.

Rotary   Table ModelDZXH-255-101-160-611
Disk   surface Diameter(mm)Φ255
Center for Hight(mm)160
Fixed hole size(mm)Φ50
Reduction ratio101
Rated speed/maximum speed(rpm)20/28
Circular radial runout of rotary disk(mm)0.01
End face runout of rotary disk(mm)0.01
Verticality of rotary dis(mm)≤0.02
Axial stiffness(N/μm)≥400
Radial stiffness(N/μm)≥400
Overturning stiffness(N/μm)≥4800
Noise value(dB)≤68
Product weight(kg)67
Bearing capacity(kg)150
Center hole diameter(mm)50
T-slot width(mm)12
Key width(mm)14
Indexing accuracy±15
Rated torque611
Maximum torque1274



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