Product Series:Machining center series

Product Number:DGZX-18020/22-KFHWVJLS

Mainly applied for all kinds of high speed CNC machine, suitable for processing of large mould, automobile parts, aerospace parts.

1、High precision

The end inner cone face runout of CNC spindle is within 0.001 m, the vibration is within 1.0 mm/s, adopt HSK,BT tool holder etc, has the unique characteristics of high precision.

2、High speed

CNC spindle speed up to 30,000 RPM, provide strong support for high efficiency and high precision processing of CNC.

3、High torque

The low speed high torque characteristics of CNC spindle make heavy cutting for machining tool possible, so as to improve the working efficiency of products.

4、High configuration

CNC spindle can match high speed rotary unit, displacement sensor, vibration sensor, proximity switch, closed-loop control encoder, adopt international famous brand bearing.

5、Strong compatibility and good expansibility

CNC spindle has good compatibility, it can be widely used in all kinds of metal parts processing of high speed CNC.

Motor   Type (Asynchronous   double-winding)
Power(S1) (kW)Y:19   △:22
Power(S6-40%) (kW)Y:28.5   △:33
Torque (S1) (Nm)Y:61.3 △:35.2
Torque(S6-40%) (Nm)Y:92 △:52.5
Max. Speed (rpmY:7000 △:20000
Bearings lubricationOil-air
Tool holderHSK-A63
Tool unclamping unitOil cylinder
Tool inner coolantWater/Oil/Oil mist
Note:S6 working model cycle time ts =2 mim



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