Product Series: Dental Milling Spindle

Product Number:DGZX-04560/0.6A8-PG

It is mainly used for denture forming.

The main processing materials are glassceramic (before sintering); resin; wax PMMA Hybrid; ceramic(before sintering).

1、High precision

Spindle static jumping is ≤0.002mm, tapered bore jumping is≤0.001mm. It has high dynamic precision and stability of spindle during machining, which can effectively ensure the stability and consistency of the workpiece dimension.

2、High speed

The max. speed of spindle can reach up to 60000rpm. The resection rate of material is greatly improved during machining. In actual use, the speed can be improved appropriately to ensure the machining efficiency according to the abrasion of the cutter.

3、High degree of finish

The roughness of finished surface is only Ra0.05, and the surface finish is remarkable.

4、Ultralong nose

Easy to solve the problems such as denture groove of traditional spindle is difficult to be machined and the cutter is vulnerable to be broken, etc.

5、High energy conservation and cooling

Air cooling is adopted, with the min. gas flow of 30L/min and the min. air pressure of 0.05mpa. The lower the calorific value is, the lower the cooling gas flow will be.

6、Ultralong service life, high stability

Air curtain seal can prevent the dust and coolant from entering the bearing during machining, which can effectively avoid the spindle faults. The spindle is equipped with the motor temperature control sensor to monitor the spindle temperature in machining process in real time. The high precision ceramic ball bearings of famous brands can ensure long and reliable operation of the spindle.

7、Low cost, low noise

The vibration is only 0.8mm/s. Compared with the similar products in the market, the gas flow rate of gas seal is reduced by 50%, which tremendously decreases cost for customers. The continuous running sound is ≤68dBA, which achieves low noise machining at office level.

Clamping   diameter(mm)Φ45
Maximum speed(rpm)60000
Collet Bore SizesB121   draw-in collet standard Φ3(option Φ6)
Bearing typeHybrid ceramic bearings
Max. Frequency(Hz)1000
Motor systemAsynchronous
Power output S1 100% (KW) 0.5
Power Output S6 40%(KW) 0.75
Max. Current(A)12.5
Torque S1 100%(N·m)0.08
Torque S6 40%(N·m)0.096
Tool changeAutomatic direct tool change
Tool Change Air Pressure(MPa)0.56-0.60
Air Seal Presure(MPa)0.10-0.15
Air Seal Flow(L/min)50
Cooling systemLabyrinth air cooling
Coolant Pressure(MPa)0.10-0.15
Coolant Flow Rate(L/min)50
Temperature sensor-motorKTY
Axial static Run-out2
Vibration velocity(mm/s)0.8
Housing materialStainless steel



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