Product Series:Engraving and Milling Spindle

Product Number:DGZX-10036/6.0D-KFPWVS

Mainly suitable for all kinds of CNC engraving milling machine, suitable for all kinds of non-ferrous metal, non-metallic 6C electronic parts processing, can be used in medical, dental, aerospace, automotive, energy, jewelry and so on.

1、Super long durability and high stability broach mechanism.The tool replacement life of the exclusively patented Haozhi broach mechanism is ≥10 million times, the force reduction value is less than 10% during the use process, and the spindle vibration is 30% lower than that of the traditional discspring broach mechanism, and the vibration fluctuation value during the life cycle of the broach mechanism is ≤10. %to be.

2、High efficiency

high power and high torque single-winding and double-winding asynchronous motor and synchronous motor are available, with the spindle of grease lubrication and oil air lubrication, which can ensure the efficient processing of products.

3、High precision

General machining rotation speed reaches 80% of the maximum rotation speed, heat extension is stable to less than 0.03mm (partial products are stable to less than 0.02mm), heat extension fluctuation is ≤0.002mm, hole jump is ≤1μm, positive Dynamic precision is ≤2μm, dynamic precision is ≤8μm.

4、High stability

full structural simulation optimization and comprehensive test; industry benchmark customers such as Lansi Intelligence, Biel, Foxconn, Taikan, etc.; and a total of 100,000 spindle are used and verified by your customers, with stable and reliable product quality and good market reputation.

Maximum speed(rpm)36000
Tool interfaceHSK   E32
Bearing typeHybrid ceramic bearings
Max. Frequency(Hz)1200
Motor systemAsynchronous
Power output S1 100% (KW) 6
Power Output S6 40%(KW) 9
Torque S1 100%(N·m)2.8
Torque S6 40%(N·m)4.2
Tool changeAutomatic direct tool change
Tool Change Air Pressure(MPa)0.55-0.60
Air Seal Presure(MPa)0.15
Air Seal Flow(L/min)60±20
Cooling systemWatering cooling
Coolant Flow Rate(L/min)3-4
Temperature sensor-motorKTY
Static Run-out≤2
Dynamic Run-out≤8
Vibration velocity(mm/s)0.8
Housing materialStainless steel



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