Product Series:Air Bearing Spindle

Product Number:DQF-200E

This spindle is a super high speed air floating electric spindle with a maximum speed of 200,000rpm. It is mainly used for Printed circuit board (PCB) drilling and routing process.This spindle is with compact structure, light weight, inertia, small vibration and low noise, which can achieve high speed, high precision and perfect stability of routing process.

1、High efficiency

PCB drilling motorized spindle has the maximum speed of 400,000rpm. Limit start and stop speed: It can reach to 200,000

RPM in 3.8s and reach to 250,000 RPM in 7.5s.And the comprehensive machining efficiency improvement of 23%. PCB molding motorized spindle has the maximum speed of 75,000rpm (ball bearing), 80,000rpm (air bearing), to achieve high speed and

high-efficiency machining.

2、High performance

Combining with the performance characteristics of the driver, optimize the motor design, Increase machining speed, output power, torque, and machining capacity. In which, the innovative product DQF-200E4.S and paradigm-shifting product DQF-250B.S and 6.35mm cutter can easily deal with all kinds of thick plates and hard plates after continuous machining of more than 10,000 holes (S20000 F0.3 R5.0 3*1.6mm FR4).

3、High energy conservation

Under the premise of ensuring the performance, the gas consumption of the air bearing spindle and the dust proof gas seal of the ball bearing spindle can be optimized to the minimum, so as to reduce the use cost of terminal users and the gas consumption can be reduced by 20%.

4.High precision

The PCB industry motorized spindle has the static rotation

precision of ≤2μm, and the dynamic precision of ≤6μm

(factory standard), with unmatched high precision, achieving

higher drilling CPK value.

5.Long service life

The broaching mechanism composed of spindle made of high polymer material, high-stability disc spring and high nitrogen

stainless steel materials, can be used for 500,000 times without failure. At the same time, it is also equipped with motor temperature sensor, spindle core speed sensor and other protective functions. The ball bearing adopts the product of an

international famous brand.

6、Low failure rate

The innovative and stable design makes the stability of the spindle significantly better than the products of peer. The average

failure rate is lower than 3% in the first year and 10% in the second year.

7、Low maintenance rate

The simple structure design significantly reduces the later maintenance cost. Compared with the traditional structure design,

the average maintenance cost of the spindle of 200,000rpm drilling machine can be significantlyreduced by 20%.

Spindle ModelDQF-200E
Maximum Speed(rpm)20000
Maximum Voltage (V)200
S6 (kW) Rated Power0.85
S6 (Nm) Rated Torque0.14
Bearing typeAir Bearing
Application ScopeDrilling Machine
Air Flow(L/min)40-48(@200000rpm)
Form of LubricationAir
Cooling method and MediumInternal Cooling Water or Oil



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