Product Series:Fuel cell compressor

Product Number:DK-GF150-3.0T Fuel cell compressor

The high-speed centrifugal air compressor with turbine energy recovery function produced by Haozhi Industrial is a new type high-efficiency air compressor product that integrates the turbine energy recovery function on the basis of the existing high-speed centrifugal air compressor.

After adopting the air compressor with turbine energy recovery function, the high temperature and high pressure gas emitted by the fuel cell system will drive the turbine coaxial with the air compressor shaft to rotate at a high speed, thus "recovering" a large part of the energy originally consumed from the automobile power generation system. According to the estimation of the gas temperature and pressure exhausted by the existing fuel cell system, the efficiency of the air compressor with turbine energy recovery function can be increased by 5%-25% compared with the air compressor without the energy recovery function, and the overall efficiency can be increased by more than 10%.

1、High speed aerodynamic gas bearing:

The air dynamic pressure bearing developed by Haozhi hashigh stability, absolutely free of oil and grease,long service life, and the service life of starting and stopping is more than 200000 times.

2、High speed permane:

Haozhi has rich high-speed motor R & D and application cases.:the self-developed fuel cell centrifugal air compressor has a maximum speed of more than 120000 rpm, maximum rated power can be 30kW.

3、Efficient pneumatic system :

Haozhi has the ability to independently develop, manufacture and test the pneumatic system, and can reasonably select the schemes of single-stage compression,two-stage compression and turbine energy recovery according to the requirements of customers' fuel cell system, among which the turbine energy recovery scheme can save 10%-20% of power consumption.

4、High frequency driver :

Through independent R & D and customized development,Haozhi achieves the best matching effect between the compressor and the driver, and reduces the supporting cost of the compressor system to meet the performance and cost requirements of customers.

5、Precision manufacturing and testing:

Gather the world's top processing and testing equipment, including high-precision internal and external cylindrical grinding machine, three-coordinate measuring machine, cylindricity measuring

instrument, etc., the dimensional accuracy of parts processing can reach 1 μm, and the roundness can be 0.1 μm.

6、Compressor performance testing:

Our company has a complete set of performance testing technology, including bearing dynamic stiffness and load capacity test, bearing starting and stopping life test, pneumatic system characteristic test, compressor vibration resistance test, high temperature characteristic test, dynamic response test, noise measurement, salt spray test, waterproof and dustproof test, EMC test and other test technologies.

7、Design and integration of high-speed and high-precision rotor system:

Design and integration of high-speed and high-precision rotor system:Haozhi has rich high-speed shafting R & D experience and integrated technology. At present, the maximum speed of the motor reaches 400,000 rpm, which belongs to the world leading level in the industry.

SpecificationPerformance   Parameters
Flow range   (g/s)15-175
Maximum speed   rpm95000
Rated   efficiency(Pneumatic)71.10%
Structural   StyleImpeller   compression +
    Turbine energy recovery
Turbine   recovery power(kW)0-6
Pressure   ratio range1.0-3.0
Startup&   Shutdown lifetimes20 0000
Maximum   efficiencyPneumatic74%
Bearing typefoil aerodynamic gas   bearing
Efficiency improvement
    of the whole machine
Note: the test environment temperature is 25 , the ambient pressure is 100.4kPa, and the humidity is 60%


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