Product Series: Dental Milling Spindle

Product Number:DGZ-03380/0.25A1-PG

This product is a high-speed ball motor spindle with a maximum speed of 80000 rpm. The spindle is designed with a long nose end. The spindle core and body conduction function (ESD) are optional, and it is sold with a low-voltage frequency converter.

1、Low temperature rise

The unique low-voltage motor design minimizes the heat generated, and plus forced circulation and efficient cooling, the dual technology significantly reduces the temperature rise of the spindle (2 ℃ lower than that of foreign competitors).

2、Low vibration

The integrated spindle core structure completely reduces the vibration of the spindle (at the highest speed, our vibration is ≤ 1.5mm/s, and the one of our competitors is 3.9mm/s), improving the stability of the shaft system, and reducing the abnormality of the spindle.

3、Reliable sealing:

the front end of the spindle is in a Frisbee structure, which effectively prevents chips from entering the spindle and contaminating the bearings, making it able to cope with complex and harsh working conditions.

4、High-performance frequency converter

The frequency converter adopts low-voltage drive technology, and its volume is 80% less than that of general-purpose frequency converters. It can be controlled in multiple ways. Thus, cost effective application schemes can be tailor made for our customers.

Maximum   Speed(rpm)80000
Maximum   Voltage(V)60
S6 Rated   Power(kW)0.3
S6 Rated   Torque(N·m)0.048
Maximum   Frequency(Hz)1334
Vibration   Value(mm/s)1.0(60000rpm)
Cooling   Form and mediumair
Cooling   system coolant flow(L/min)50-70L/min   (0.15MPa)
Cylinder   working pressure(Mpa)0.56-0.60
Static   runout(μm)2.0
ESDESD   for option



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