Product Series:Air Bearing Spindle

Product Number:DQF-320E

This product is an ultra-high-speed air-bearing spindle with ma rotational speed of 320,000 rpm. The spindle is designed with ultra-light body with automatic tool change function.Equipped with high-performance motor, it only takes 5.2 seconds for rising the speed to 320,000 rpm.Superior performance, while significantly improving the low-speed torque, it is fully upgraded in the aspects of large hole drilling capacity and small hole drilling accuracy.It is a product specially designed for high-precision, high-speed and high-efficiency drilling in the PCB industry.

1. High precision: The dynamic deflection at full speed is <6um, which is especially suitable for high-precision drilling with a diameter of 0.3-0.05mm.

2. High efficiency: The rotational speed can reach 200,000 rpm within 3.4 seconds;

250,000 rpm within 4.1 seconds;

320000rpm within 5.2 seconds;

The efficiency of start and stop is increased by 2.5%.

3. Strong ability to drill large holes: The low-speed torque reaches 0.044Nm, and the 5.0mm tool can continuously process more than 1000 holes (S25000 F0.2 R0.5 3*1.6mm FR4).

4. High thermal stability: The thermal-structure coupling model is established, and the temperature field is deeply optimized to ensure that the spindle temperature rise is ≤3.5℃ (competing product 4℃), the machine sizing is 6um (competitive product 7um), and the average CPK2.447 (competing product 2.44), further improving the drilling accuracy of the machine.

Spindle ModelDQF-320E
Maximum Speed(rpm)320000
Maximum Voltage(V)220
S6 Rated Power(kW)Low   winding0.45
High winding0.75
S6 Rated Power(N·m)Low   winding0.044
High winding0.036
Maximum Frequency(Hz)Low   winding3000
High winding5334
S6 Rated Current(A)Low   winding2.93
High winding3.72
Chuck Torque(N·cm)≥152
Vibration Values(mm/s)≤0.8
Cooling Form and MediumInteinal cooling
Cooling system coolant flow(L/min)water:≥1.5(0.2MPa)
Cylinder Working Pressure(MPa)0.56~0.60
Bearing Working Pressure(MPa)0.65~0.75
Static Runout(μm)≤2.0
Dynamic Runout(μm)≤6.0
Air System Air Flow(L/min)50~66



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