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The 16th China International Machine ToolExhibition (CIMT2019) will be held during April 15-20, 2019 at the China International Exhibition Center (the newvenue) in Beijing. The total area of the exhibition hall will be 142,000square meters. More than 1,700 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions willparticipate in the exhibition.

As a leading manufacturer of CNC machine tool equipment and robot core functionalcomponents, Haozhi will participate in this exhibition with products such asmachining center’s electric spindle, lathe spindle, grinding spindle, engravingand milling electric spindle, reducer, CNC turntable, dynamic demonstrationlinear motor, ultra-high-precision fixture and so on.

Haozhialways adheres to the development strategy of "Based on the independenttechnology innovation service for the advanced global manufacturing industry”.As a leading spindle production base in China, the company has built a completebusiness chain of "complete machine-fittings-service" combining CNCmachine tool core functional components and robot core functional components,and has cultivated a professional R & D team with more than 300 members,with R & D investment accounting for more than 9% of the sales volume inthe past three years. At the same time, the factory floor area is nearly 50,000square meters, with an annual output of about 80,000 sets of electric spindleand turntable, with output of electric spindle accounting for 40% of thedomestic market share, so it becomes one of the largest enterprises in spindleresearch, production and marketing in China.

Main Exhibits Series

Machining Center Electric Spindle Series

Lathe Electric Spindle Series

Theproduct features are as follows

Latheelectric spindle can achieve high precision, high-efficiency, heavy-dutyprocessing, spindle start-up time is less than 1 second, and compared with thetraditional lathe spindle, production efficiency increased by more than 10%.Lathe electric spindle shaft diameter is large, spindle stiffness is increasedby more than 20% to achieve larger cutting. Spindle end runout is less than 2μm, positioning accuracy is 0.01°, the maximum accuracy can reach 0.001°,dynamic balance grade is G0.4, the roundness of turning parts is less than 1 μm.At present, lathe electric spindle has asynchronous double-winding electricspindle series and permanent magnet synchronous electric spindle seriesproducts.

Grinding Spindle Series

Theproduct features are as follows

HighaccuracyTheinner hole (outer cone) runout of grinding spindle is no more than 1 μm, thedynamic balance grade of spindle is G0.4, and the vibration of spindle is nomore than 0.6 mm/s, which has excellent high precision;

HighefficiencyUsuallythe grease lubrication technology is used for spindle bearings, simple andconvenient for use; When the special working conditions require ultra-highrotational speed, the spindle bearings can be lubricated with oil and gas, andlarger bearings can be selected under the same installation conditions toachieve high rotational speed as well as higher axial and radial rigidity, thusproviding strong support for high-speed and high-precision machining of thegrinding machine and improving the machining efficiency;

Highconfiguration: Provide a large number of optionalaccessories, such as speed sensors, temperature sensors, on-line dynamicbalance system, high-speed rotary joints for central effluent, etc.

Havegood expansibility and compatibilityThegrinding spindle has good compatibility, and has been successfully applied to anumber of international well-known brands of grinding machines;

Personalized customizationGrinding spindle can be widely used in all kinds ofmetal or non-metal grinding machine, but also customized according to thespecial needs of customers.

NC Turntable Series

With excellent performance, DDR turntable allows high-efficiency machining. Comparedwith ordinary DDR, power density of Haozhi’s unique high torque motor isincreased by 42.7%, torque is increased by 61.5%. With high-precisionpositioning technology, positioning accuracy can reach ± 10 seconds of arc,repetition accuracy can reach ± 1 seconds of arc. It is equipped with strongbrake mechanism, with good seal stability, to ensure the accuracy of the wholemachine from many aspects, currently has developed the vertical four-axis,horizontal four-axis, five-axis single-arm and five-axis cradle series etc.

Reducer Series

Theproduct features are as follows:

It is simple in structure, with a small size and a light mass Comparedwith the common reducer with the same transmission ratio, the quantity of partsis reduced by 50%, the volume and weight are reduced by 1/3, and the volume andweight of the short-cylinder harmonic reducer are reduced by 1/2.

Highaccuracy: Compared with the common geartransmission with the same machining grade, its transmission accuracy can beimproved by about 4 times, and the transmission accuracy is better than that ofthe same kind of domestic products;

It is stable in motion, with low noise:In the meshing process of gears, the tooth surface contact area is large andthe relative sliding speed is small, so the transmission is stable and thenoise is small;

Large carrying capacity: At that same time, the number of teeth involvedin meshing is large, and the load per unit area is small, so that the bearingcapacity of the whole machine is strong.

Linear motor series

More series of exhibits will be presented duringthe exhibition, and we look forward to seeing you then!

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