2017 Machine Tools Taipei: DAKE International’s First Appearance


The 26th Taipei InternationalMachine Tool Show was successfully concluded on March 12 at the Taipei World TradeCenter. Taipei International Machine Tool Show is not only the second largest machinetool show in Asia, but also one of the world’s top five machine tool shows. Theshow attracted more than 1,100 exhibitors from both sides of the Taiwan Straitsand overseas, and the well-known brands, advanced technologies and flagship productsgathered together. It is an unmissable communication platform for every mechanicalmanufacturer.

For the Taipei Machine ToolShow, Guangzhou DAKE International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “DAKEInternational” for short) also brought various high-quality products and the latestR&D achievements to the show, such as the high-power high-speed CNC spindle,high-speed direct-driven rotary table, etc. This show was DAKE’s first show in Taipei,and it brought the house down by virtue of the excellent performance quality.

High-power high-speed CNCspindle

DGZYX-18015/35 shown in thefigure above is DAKE’s firstly exhibited high-power high-speed CNC permanent magnetsynchronous spindle.

The spindle has the speedup to 15,000rpm, the rated power up to 35kW and rated torque up to 66Nm. Such excellentperformances are all because it is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronousmotor with strong performances. Compared with the similar induction motor spindles,the spindle with permanent magnet synchronous motor has the following unique advantages:

1. High power and high torque:It has greater output power and torque, higher power factor, and more stable andaccurate control performance.

2. High precision, high rigidity:The high-precision manufacturing technology, high-precision bearings, and optimizedbuilt-in motor design enable the spindle to have higher accuracy and rigidity.

3. Lower motor heat: Underthe same cooling conditions, the permanent magnet synchronous spindle has lowertemperature rise to significantly reduce the heat loss of the spindle and obtainhigher machining accuracy.

High-speed direct-drivenfive-axis rotary table

DZDC-180 shown in the figureabove is the high-precision and high-finish cradle five-axis rotary table exhibitedon the show, it has the characteristics of high rigidity, high speed, high precision,stable operation, etc., and it is equipped with a high-precision encoder with theindexing accuracy up to ±10sec and the repeatability up to ±2sec. It is mainly usedfor CNC machining centers, and can achieve the efficient five-axis linkage machining.

Ultra-high-speed air bearing spindle

For this exhibition,DAKE International brought an ultra-high-speed air bearing spindle, DQF-400. Thespindle with the maximum speed up to 400,000rpm is the first air bearing spindleof 400,000rpm in the industry, the spindle with the drilling diameter of 0.05-0.2mmis especially suitable for machining the circuit boards with the diameter below0.1mm, and it is a high-precision, high-speed and high-efficiency spindle speciallydesigned for the PCB microporous machining industry.

By adopting the cooling shaft core in the unique centralcooling structure, the spindle lowers the temperature of the chuck and the drillbit, reduces the concentration of drilling heat and improves the hole-shape accuracy.At the same time, it innovates to use of two-way circulating cooling channels, sothat the spindle is fully and mildly cooled, and the temperature rise of the entirespindle is less than 3 to ensure the machiningaccuracy and service life of the spindle. At the same time, in order to obtain ahigher accuracy of dynamic deflection, the spindle chuck is installed in a uniqueanti-loose structure to ensure the spindle to have the dynamic deflection less than5um.

Theabove products and technical achievements attracted the attention and recognitionof the audience attending the show as soon as they were exhibited, not only completesolutions were provided for the end customers, but also more innovative ideas werebrought to the partners in the manufacturing industry, and at the same time, weharvested many constructive ideas and forward-looking suggestions.

Owing to the powerful brandadvantage, solid customer accumulation, mature R&D system and the technologyaccumulation in the field of precision machinery transmission, DAKEInternational based on the spindle steadily horizontally extends to the field ofother core functional parts for CNC machine tools, industrial robots and other high-endequipment; on the basis of continuous product upgrading and remodeling, enhancingthe product performance and maintaining the product leading superiority, DAKE alsokeeps up with market trends to develop and reserve new products, and constantlybroaden the range of product applications, and gradually realize the import substitution.

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