Industrial First 400,000rpm Ultra-high-speed Air Bearing Spindle Appeared on 2015 HKPCA&IPC Show


Industrial first400,000rpm ultra-high-speed air bearing spindle appeared on 2015 HKPCA&IPC Show

2015 HKPCA & IPC Showwas grand opened at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on December2, more than 500 exhibitors gathered together to display the innovative productsand solutions covering the entire supply chain of circuit boards and electronicassembly.

For this exhibition,DAKE International brought the latest developed ultra-high-speed air bearing spindlefor the PCB (printed circuit board industry) drilling machines. The spindle withthe maximum speed up to 400,000rpm is the first air bearing spindle of 400,000rpmin the industry, the spindle with the drilling diameter of 0.05-0.2mm is especiallysuitable for machining the circuit boards with the diameter below 0.1mm, and itis a high-precision, high-speed and high-efficiency spindle specially designed forthe PCB microporous machining industry.
By adopting thecooling shaft core in the unique central cooling structure, the spindle lowers thetemperature of the chuck and the drill bit, reduces the concentration of drillingheat and improves the hole-shape accuracy. At the same time, it innovates to useof two-way circulating cooling channels, so that the spindle is fully and mildlycooled, and the temperature rise of the entire spindle is less than 3
to ensure the machiningaccuracy and service life of the spindle. At the same time, in order to obtain ahigher accuracy of dynamic deflection, the spindle chuck is installed in a uniqueanti-loose structure to ensure the spindle to have the dynamic deflection less than5um.

As soon as the spindle was exhibited, it ignited the enthusiasm of the audienceattending the show and attracted endless customers desiring for details, and theyall praised DAKE International for its excellent and pioneering R&D capability.

DAKE’s technical researchengineer is introducing the spindle to customers

DAKE’s marketing personnelis receiving customers

DAKE International as a professional R&D and manufacturingenterprise of spindles has been committed to providing spindle products of independentR&D and independent brands for middle and high-end CNC machine tools all thetime. It has always attached importance to the development and innovation of newproducts and new technology; adhering to the concept that “technology supports products,and management enhances quality”, through the unremitting independent innovation,it has obtained more than 300 patents and has formed an R&D team of nearly 100persons, and it has the mature and advanced strength of R&D and manufacturing.

In addition to independent R&D, DAKE International also carries out the industry,production and research cooperation with a number of key universities, the IndustrialTechnology Research Institute of Guangdong Province, etc., jointly built the platformsof spindle joint laboratory, motor joint laboratory, bearing joint laboratory, high-performancespindle joint center of technology innovation, etc.

The industrial first air bearing spindle of 400,000rpmexhibited this time is another major technological breakthrough of DAKEInternational, with the sweeping by the waves of Made in China 2025, DAKEInternational will continue to adhere to the corporate concept and mission, focuson the R&D of the core technology for spindle products to promote the entirerising of domestic high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and it will take becominga design and manufacturing company of core functional parts for the world’s topmachine tools as the vision to struggle all the time and work hard!

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