2017 Shanghai CPCA Show: DAKE’s Development and Innovation


By then, Guangzhou DAKEInternational Co., Ltd. will magnificently appear together with the latest developedDQF-400 ultra-high-speed air bearing spindle and many other classicproducts, and welcome customers to visit DAKE at 7N29.

DAKE International foundedin 2006 is always specialized in the R&D, designing, manufacturing, sales andrepairing of high precision electrical spindles and the spare parts thereof, andis committed to providing high-speed and high precision spindle series productsfor middle and high-end CNC machine tools. It has now developed into a domesticleading industrial guiding enterprise with international competitiveness. The speed,accuracy and other comprehensive performances of DAKE products have all reachedthe domestic leading and international advanced technological level, and has builtits comprehensive competitive advantage and the leading industry status.

The flagship new product achieves another new peak of performance

For this exhibition,DAKE brings the latest developed ultra-high-speed air bearing spindle, DQF-400 forthe PCB (printed circuit board industry) drilling machines. The spindle with themaximum speed up to 400,000rpm is the first air bearing spindle of 400,000rpm inthe industry, the spindle with the drilling diameter of 0.05-0.3mm is especiallysuitable for machining the circuit boards with the diameter below 0.1mm, and itis a high-precision, high-speed and high-efficiency spindle specially designed for the PCB microporous machining industry.

By adopting thecooling shaft core in the unique central cooling structure, the spindle lowers thetemperature of the chuck and the drill bit, reduces the concentration of drillingheat and improves the hole-shape accuracy. At the same time, it innovates to useof two-way circulating cooling channels, and the temperature rise of cooling waterfor the entire spindle is less than 3, so that the spindleis fully and mildly cooled to ensure the machining accuracy and service life ofthe spindle. At the same time, in order to obtain a higher accuracy of dynamic deflection,the spindle chuck is installed in a unique anti-loose structure to ensure the spindleto have the dynamic deflection less than 5um.

Classic models are entirelyupgraded

Long-life broach mechanism

Broach mechanism

In order to enable the spindleto get a longer service life, DAKE's PCB spindle series products all adopt the highpolymer materials with excellent self-lubricating properties as the sliding partsof the axis, so that they can have a good and stable abrasive resistance in anymachining environment; at the same time, the disc spring adopting the new surfacetreatment method has both the “diamond” hardness and abrasive resistance; in addition,the chuck material has also been fully upgraded and is made of the stainless steelcontaining high nitrogen material, so that the abrasive resistance reaches the levelof ultra-precision ball bearing, and the abrasive resistance is increased by 40%compared with ordinary chucks. Owing to the above technical and technological breakthroughs,the service life of PCB spindles will be prolonged by more than 30%.

Drillingperformance is upgraded again

High-performance motor

At present, there is an urgentneed for spindles which not only have high speed and high precision but also havethe excellent capacity of drilling big holes. In order to obtain the excellent capacityof drilling big holes, we have modified the motor improved the output torque andenhanced the capacity of drilling big holes, so that the spindle’s limit of drillingbig holes exceeds 5000 holes (with the tool diameter of 6.35mm, penetrating through4.8mm-thick FR4 board at one time, without tool changing).

Lowenergy consumption and low cost

Air hydrostatic bearings

In order to reduce the customer's production costs,the design of retracting broach mechanism and removable disc spring is adopted toreduce the loss of consumable parts and greatly reduce the cost of later maintenance.At the same time, in order to further reduce the air consumption of the spindle,we have optimized to upgrade the structural design of air hydrostatic bearing orifice,so that the air consumption is reduced from 50L/min to 40L/min. In addition, aimingat the machining of super-hard sheets, we have improved the axial ultimate bearingcapacity of the spindle, and the thrust surface is added with the wear-resistantmaterials, so that the output rigidity and bearing capacity have also been furtherimproved.

Adhering to the R&D policy that “based on independentR&D and independent innovation-based and supplemented by joint R&D to ownthe independent core technology”, DAKE International will continue to focus on theR&D of core technology for spindle produces to promote the entire rising ofdomestic high-end equipment manufacturing industry, “based on independent technologicalinnovation, fully realize the import substitution, and steadily march towards theinternational market”. We will take becoming a design and manufacturing companyof core functional parts for the world’s top machine tools as the vision, and willstruggle all the time to the revitalize China’s equipment manufacturing industryand break the foreign monopoly!

On March 7, DAKE International will sincerely look forwardto your visit at 7N29 in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).

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